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Bidding Opportunities

Highlight = New for June 24th - June 28th

06/24/2019 3:00 PM   City of Ellensburg 2019 CBD Sidewalk Repair Project
  Ellensburg #8
06/25/2019 10:00 AM [1] City of Kennewick - Kennewick Ave Pavement Preservation    Kennewick #11
06/25/2019 1:30 PM [1][2][3]B.Change CPUD Rocky Reach Oil Rooms Fire Suppression
  Wenatchee #24
06/27/2019 10:00 AM [1][2]B.Change Kittitas County Boulder Creek Bridge Replacement
  Cle Elum #28
06/27/2019 10:00 AM   City of Liberty Lake North Field Improvements Project
  Liberty Lake #100D
06/27/2019 11:00 AM [1] Plymouth Water District Drilling Well No. 1
  Yakima #23
06/27/2019 11:00 AM   Chelan County Fire District No.1 Construction of Station No. 10   Wenatchee #2
06/27/2019 2:00 PM   City of Moses Lake 2019 Well 28 Repair Rebid   Moses Lake #13
06/27/2019 2:00 PM   WDFW Scatter Creek WLA Office Well   Thurston County #115D
06/27/2019 2:00 PM [PHL][1]B.Change City of kennewick UPRR 24in Intercepter Sewer Rehab. Phase 2
  Kennewick #10
06/27/2019 3:00 PM [1][2] ESD 105 Head Start Site
  East Wenatchee #5
06/27/2019 3:00 PM [1][2][3]B.Change WSH - Bldg 29 Wards E3-E4 Forensic Renovations
  Olympia #110D
06/27/2019 3:00 PM   MICC Community Training Center HVAC REBID
  Tumwater #117D
06/27/2019 3:00 PM   WVCF Main Bldg Resident Room Addition Rebid
  Woodinville #118D
06/28/2019 10:00 AM   Dollar Tree Tenant Fit-up   Spokane #107D
07/01/2019 1:30 PM [1]B.Change DCPUD Supply & Deliver Two 230KV Breakers for Rapids Switchyard
  E. Wenatchee #3
07/01/2019 3:00 PM   RFQ GC's Needed - Apple Valley & Summitview ES Replacements   Yakima #112D
07/02/2019 2:00 PM [1] WDFW Scatter Creek Redevelopment
  Thurston County #116D
07/02/2019 2:00 PM [1] City of Richland Water Treatment Plant Facade Replacement
  Richland #106D
07/02/2019 2:00 PM   Othello SkillSource Tenant Improvements   Othello #14
07/03/2019 10:00 AM   City of Granite Falls SWP Frank Mason Park Parking Lot Paving
  Granite Falls #109D
07/03/2019 10:00 AM   City of South Bend Central Ave Sewer Line Replacement Phase 2   South Bend #121D
07/05/2019 10:00 AM [PHL] City of Cle Elum SR 903 Utility Extensions   Cle Elum #18
07/09/2019 11:00 AM   RFQ City of Pasco Fire Station Remodel & Alert Systems   Pasco #103D
07/09/2019 1:30 PM   PSERN Electrical Construction Services for Wellington
  Leavenworth #6
07/09/2019 1:30 PM   Grant County Lower Crab Creek Rd Reconstruction   Grant County #20
07/09/2019 2:00 PM   Index Hall West Wing Abatement & Demolition
  Everett #104D
07/09/2019 2:00 PM   City of Richland Keene Road Stormwater Improvements   Richland #111D
07/10/2019 11:00 AM [PHL] WSDOT Everett Signals/Bridge Shop Wall Repair
  Snohomish Cou. #102D
07/10/2019 11:00 AM [PHL] WSDOT White Pass Domestic Waterline Replacement SCR Re-Ad   Lewis County #25
07/10/2019 12:00 PM [PHL] City of Wenatchee RFP 9th Street Crossing
  Wenatchee #1
07/11/2019 11:00 AM   City of Benton City Force Main & Lift Improvements   Benton City #21
07/11/2019 3:00 PM [1] SCC Parking lot Expansion   Spokane #108D
07/12/2019 2:00 PM   Orchard Crest Memory Care   Spokane #101D
07/12/2019 3:00 PM   L&I - HQ's Building Elevator Moderization
  Tumwater #119D
07/16/2019 12:00 PM   Yakima Building 115 Upgrades   Yakima #15
07/16/2019 2:00 PM   WDFW Marblemount Hatchery Well Installation   Skagit County #113D
07/17/2019 11:00 AM [PHL] WSDOT .8 Miles W of Snoqualmie Summit EB Culvert Repair   King County  #26
07/18/2019 2:00 PM   GCPUD Priest Rapids Embankment Construction Water Supply
  Yakima #17
07/18/2019 3:00 PM   Olympic College Parking Lot Improvements   Olympia #120D
8/13/2019 2:00 PM [1] GCPUD Priest Rapids Right Embankment Improvements
  Yakima #19

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Bid Results

06/24/2019     Wenatchee's Full TI Buildout of Chipolte Mexican Grill  TBD Wenatchee  
06/21/2019     City of Moses Lake Sewer Manhole Lining Project  Cascade Industrial Services ($190,695.97) Moses Lake   
06/20/2019     Kittitas County Weihl Road Improvement  Granite Construction ($773,258.75) Kittitas County  
06/20/2019     GCPUD Asphalt Rehab & Pedestrian Improvements  TBD  Ephrata  
06/20/2019     Supply & Delivery of Non Corrosion Inhibited Solid Sodium Chloride  TBD  Ellensburg  
06/20/2019     WSH - Campus Medium Voltage Replacement & Electrical Upgrades  United States Electric ($648,000.00)  Olympia  
06/19/2019     City of Pasco Schuman Lane Waterline Extension
 TBD Pasco  
06/19/2019     Yakima Valley School Replace Concrete Stairs & Handrails  TBD  Yakima  
06/18/2019     City of Wenatchee 2019 Pavement Preservation  Central WA. Asphalt ($2,909,300.35) Wenatchee  
06/18/2019     City of Richland Disposal Capacity Improvements Phase 1B  Glacier Envi. Services ($3,221,059.25)  Richland  
06/17/2019     CPUD Supply of Rock Island Fishway Slide Gate Rebid  Golden Harvest, Inc ($38,200.00) Rock Island  
06/14/2019     Little Caesar's Pizza Restaurant  TBD Kennewick  
06/14/2019     City of Pasco 18080 Foster Wells Forcemain Improvements  C&E Trenching ($3,062,296.28) Pasco  
06/13/2019     Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe Eagle Bluff Path 1 & 2  TBD Port Angelas  
06/13/2019     City of Othello Lee Road Reconstruction  Granite Construction ($581,126.00)  Othello  
06/13/2019     Moses Lake Dredge Project  TBD  Moses Lake  
06/13/2019     City of Wenatchee Regional Vactor Waste Facility  Pipkin Construction ($351,132.53) Wenatchee  
06/12/2019     City of Pasco 20th Ave Overlay - Court St - I-182  Central WA Asphalt ($386,587.65) Pasco  
06/12/2019     City of Soap Lake AMR System Installation  DW Excavating ($923,728.66) Soap Lake  
06/12/2019     City of Moses Lake 2019 Well 28 Repair  Pumptech ($13,005.40)  Moses Lake  
06/12/2019     City of Moses Lake Well 18 Starter Replacement  Farmers Electric ll ($152,961.50)  Moses Lake  
06/11/2019     Wenatchee Public Library Hazardous Materials Abatement  Rhine Demolition ($332,057.00) Wenatchee  
06/11/2019     City of Kennewick W. 10th Ave Widening - Joliet St to Columbia Center Blvd  TBD Kennewick  
06/11/2019     DC Law & Justice Facility Telecommunications
 TBD  Waterville  
06/10/2019     Moses Lake Runway 14L/32R Line-of-Site Rehabilitation  Granite Construction ($20,102,552.28) Moses Lake   
06/07/2019     Cle Elum Tumble Creek Great House  TBD Cle Elum  
06/06/2019     Richland School District Early Learning Center Phase 2
 G2 Construction ($827,000.00) Richland  
06/06/2019     Padilla Bay Interpretive Center Aquarium Room Expansion  P&L General Contractors ($494,094.00) Mount Vernon  
06/06/2019     Eastmont School District Elementary Schools Additions  *Project Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest* Douglas County  
06/06/2019     CVCH Sterile Processing Unit TI
 Rimmer & Roeter Con. ($388,329.00)  Wenatchee  
06/06/2019     City of Kennewick W. 36th Ave Sidewalk Project
 Ray Poland & Sons ($304,542.88) Kennewick  
06/06/2019     City of Wenatchee Montana & Dekota Water Main Replacement  Pipkin Construction ($683,429.48) Wenatchee  
06/06/2019     Kittitas County Teanaway Rd Hydraulic Improvements Phase 1  Hurst Construction ($701,231.00)  Cle Elum  
06/06/2019     WSDOT Safety Corridor Improvements & E Elm Rd
 Central WA Asphalt ($12,195,888.85)  Franklin Coun.  
06/05/2019     GCPUD Quincy Chute Trash Rake Chains  Allor Manufacturing ($89,693.00) Grant County  
06/05/2019     WSH Bldg 27 Patient Window Replacement
 Steadfast Construction ($365,956.00)  Lakewood  
06/05/2019     Columbia High School Roof Replacement  Royal Roofing ($216,384.00) Burbank  
06/05/2019     Port of Pasco Big Pasco Industrial Center - Concrete Dock  Ray Poland & Sons ($118,536.90) Pasco  
06/05/2019     WSDOT White Pass Domestic Waterline Replacement
 Nova Contracting ($424,000.00)  Lewis County  

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